Timothy League Among Others to Speak at South by Southwest V2V Gathering

SXSW 2013 in Austin, TXSouth by Southwest is converging on the city of Las Vegas this week and the guest list looks to be a reflection of the emerging tech scene that is being brought to life Downtown. South by Southwest or “SXSW” is one of the most innovative collections of entrepreneurs, artists and other creative individuals to converge in one place to share ideas, plans and form the partnerships that equal success.

The festival is held every year in the city of Austin, TX but over the years a number of niche gatherings focused on specific fields and industries have taken the SXSW name and hit the road! This particular gathering in Las Vegas will be known as V2V, and the guest list is nothing short on inspiring..

Featuring Tony Hsieh, Zappo’s CEO and Spearhead of the famous Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Tony will be delivering a keynote on the importance of culture in the corporate and urban worlds. Here’s the following excerpt regarding his keynote from the SXSW website;

Culture is to company as community is to city; it’s about values, innovation, serendipity, and attraction of smart startups and the creative class. Tony applies his Zappos corporate culture to build the most community-focused big city in the world, in Downtown Las Vegas. Every time the size of a city doubles, productivity/innovation per resident increases by 15%. When companies grow, productivity per employee goes down. With his $350M Downtown Project, Tony creates a unique hybrid of corporation, community, and city to drive productivity and innovation for Zappos and the city itself.

Tony Hsieh at a Previous SxSW

But Tony Hsieh won’t be the only web based entrepreneur in attendance, the CEO’s from “Crowdfunder” and Teamly to name a few will be giving keynotes as well as tens of other guests in all aspects of the web design and marketing industry. Go here for a full list of keynote speakers.

Timothy League

Timothy League

Among that list will also be independent film visionary, Timothy League (Owner & Founder of the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema). When it comes to the entrepreneurial spirit, League knows more than a thing or two about what it takes (Mentally and financially) to make your dreams a reality. League also started the Fantastic Fest, which is the largest genre film festival in the country.

With an entire day of keynotes, presentations and announcements lined up, there’s no telling what kind of innovations or groundbreaking strategies will be unveiled at this year’s “SxSw V2V”, so keep checking back for more updates on one of the most important tech conferences in Vegas!

Check out the opening ceremonies here, or click here for the South by Southwest V2V Website.

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