Las Vegas Magic Market Week 2013- Come and Get Your Kicks!

Las Vegas Magic

“Magic” is back in Las Vegas and it’s not the tricks the city is hungry for! I am talking about Las Vegas Magic Market Week 2013 (“Magic” for short) and in case you were not aware, Magic is one of the most widely anticipated fashion conventions in the world. The show is coming to Vegas to showcase the fall lines that will be hitting the runways in 2013, but the key to Las Vegas Magic Market Week is to bring in designers and retailers from around the world and get them together in a community level setting where “up-and-coming” brands can showcase their styles to major industry players in the hopes of making a breakthrough.

In an essential “Low-High” exchange of industry knowledge, rest assured that there will be plenty of breakthroughs, such as the the new company “Outdoor Voices” who are making huge waves with their clever and witty, yet functional outdoor sportswear (Check Outdoor Voices Facebook Here). With so many similar breakthrough stories, the event has become one of the pinnacle trade show events to hit The Strip every year, establishing Las Vegas as the trade show capital of America. While that title may not be official yet, it certainly is obvious with the yearly addition of the Consumer Electronics Show and the additional trade shows that sign on for the Las Vegas Magic Market Week every year. But what better city to cater to the hundreds of thousands of tourists brought on by these industry events than Las Vegas?


That answer is “none!” So here are some of the Trade Shows being featured by Las Vegas Magic Market Week;


Las Vegas Magic Market Week 2013 Presents “POOLTRADESHOW”

Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be the capital of sunshine as well as entertainment, but what happens when one of the biggest swimwear conventions in the world descends upon Sin City in the dead of summer? I am sure you can guess, as the city sees an influx of models and designers by the tens of thousands, if you hang out at one of the famous pools or nightlife spots on The Strip long enough you are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of one of the “world class” beauties that mark the red carpet of Las Vegas Magic Market Week.

But if celeb spotting isn’t your thing, don’t worry. The show is an industry staple, started in 2001 for boutique market retailers worldwide, the event attracts some of the freshest and brilliant minds in the world of itty bitty bikinis. From Milan to Los Angeles, the biggest pro’s in the Industry will descend on Vegas for a week of intellectual exchange and major contracts that are essential to the fashion industry!

POOLTRADESHOW is the ultimate event for Pool exhibitors and the creative minds behind the world’s newest swimwear trends, check out the official website here: POOLTRADESHOW


Check Out The World’s Largest Footwear Trade Network, FN Platform 2013!

Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas 2013

Shoe fanatics take note, this event is the center of the retail footwear industry, want to discover the newest trends and biggest updates in the world of shoe fashion? Then pay attention to FN Platform 2013, connecting some of the biggest names, outlets and retailers in the world all in one place, this show handles footwear for all categories and every price point imaginable.

“FN Platform” is the number one way for major industries to discover new brands and potential networks, and through this effective medium many new major corporations and community level LLC’s have emerged from the show as start-ups. This is due to the fact that the show offers the most conducive environment for those newly budding “shoe-ntrepreneurs” to get their ideas off the ground and land that first major order or contract that will see them sporting their brand at nextt years Magic Market Week.

Check out the official sponsor for FN Platform 2013: Footwear News

And also check out the official list of participating Brands and Companies here: FN Platform 2013 on MAGIC WEEK WEBSITE


Presenting PROJECT, Las Vegas

When it comes to urban fashion designs and alternative styles, PROJECT Las Vegas offers the most comprehensive underground Brand forum in the world. Featuring brands ranging from major multi-national corporations to local start-ups tasting their first strides of success, this is where the ambitious newcomers come to try to establish a name or brand that in most cases, they developed from the ground up on their own.

While PROJECT doesn’t operate solely in Vegas, it travels the country hitting New York City first, Vegas next. So it brings with it a nationwide advantage, with two shows each year retailers have the opportunity to see local and emerging brands in a spotlight these professionals can’t find anywhere else. While the New York City event encapsulates the styles and flair of the East Coast underground, PROJECT Las Vegas gives both industry vets and newcomers the chance to see the underground culture of the west-coast front and center.

Check out the official website for PROJECT Las Vegas here: PROJECT

 Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

“MAGIC” Las Vegas is one of the biggest fashion events in the country, and these three shows are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the website for the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas  for a full list of shows and events taking place at this year’s Magic Market Week in Vegas 2013.


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Written by Kain Wyatt

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