Labor Day in Las Vegas – Here Are the Top Things to Do over the Weekend

Labor Day in Las Vegas is a special time of year where the summer is beginning to wind down and Fall starts to set in on the entertainment capital of the world. So what are the best things to do to take advantage of the last days of Summer in Las Vegas?

Well for those looking to take in all of the sights and architecture Las Vegas has to offer, check out our ultimate guide for your Labor Day vacation,

 Free Attractions to See on Labor Day in Las Vegas

Labor Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the only cities in the world with a street as tightly packed as the Strip. With an unforgettable skyline that’s growing year after year, tourists from around the world constantly line the glitter laden Las Vegas Strip to get a taste of the architecture only found in Sin City. With fanny packs loaded and digital camera in hand, come and check out these free attractions you can’t find anywhere else!

With this ultimate guide of the Free Attractions in Las Vegas, you can experience some of the best sights the city has to offer!

Free Attractions in Las Vegas

But a day of hiking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard can be a taxing adventure, so if you are more inclined to visit when the weathers right, then check out the best time to visit Las Vegas here.

 Labor Day in Las Vegas with the kids

So you brought the kids along with you to enjoy one of the greatest cities on Earth? Well don’t worry, there’s so much for families to do in Las Vegas, you will have a hard time figuring out what to do first!

So check out some of the best ways to pass the time with kids in Sin City like the Lieds Discovery Children’s Museum, a hike out at Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston or check out some of the most imaginative attractions on the Strip to give them something they will never forget!

With this guide to What to do in Vegas with Kids, you can plan a day or even two that the little ones will remember forever!

What to do with Kids in Las Vegas to Beat the Heat

Fremont Street Experience

Labor Day in Las Vegas

Fremont is quickly turning into one of the prime destinations for tourists in Vegas, with the newly renovated Arts District and the iconic Street that helped bring Vegas to fame, adults and kids alike can all experience what made Vegas so great and still makes it tick today!

Along with plenty of dining and unique things to do with the kids, you can check out the awesome Zip-line over the Fremont for only a small fee! Stay later at night for the lightshow and check out the numerous shops and pavilions lining the historic Street. If you are Celebrating Labor Day in Las Vegas don’t miss out on the Fremont Street Experience!

Town Square

Outdoor shopping with over 50 unique retailers, a park featuring some of the most interesting playground equipment in town and plenty of ways for kids to pass the time are just a few of the things that make Town Square one of the hottest spots in the valley when it comes to taking a day off from the tourist rush.

Experience an Italian styled shopping mall enclosed to give the feel of being in a quaint little town somewhere near Milan as refreshment stands, sales pagodas and benches and statues line the streets of this one of a kind shopping experience.

Complete with a movie theater, plenty of bars and shops diverse enough to keep the whole family entertained, Town Square is a must-do if you are spending Labor Day in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Shows

Seeing a show in Las Vegas is one of the ultimate ways to experience what helped make Vegas what it is today. With a distinct flavor and class you don’t find in productions anywhere else in the world, Vegas shows have a flair that can’t be matched. Spending Labor Day in Las Vegas? Then check out these amazing shows, to check out all of the great shows we offer at V Theater Box Office, Check our Website here!

VEGAS! The Show

Labor Day in Las Vegas

For one of the best ways to experience how Las Vegas came to be, then check out the legendary VEGAS! The Show! The number one way to hear the voices that defined an era and learn the story of the Entertainment Capital of the World! With some of the best voices in the country paying homage to the household names that made Vegas famous, this is one show no Vegas fan should miss! This the ultimate way to experience Labor Day in Las Vegas!

Check out more about the only show in Vegas about Vegas here!


Labor Day in Las Vegas

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